System Center: change management challenge

We are currently in the process of mapping out our change management processes to migrate to Service Manager. Our change management system is currently managed by a service provider, and doesn’t provide us with the flexibility we need from the system, which results in a lot of manual work for our change management team. Our … Continue reading System Center: change management challenge

OpsMgr: Running 2007 and 2012 consoles at the same time

So… when you have the Opsmgr 2007 console installed – on your laptop, for example – and you try to install the OpsMgr 2012 console, the installation performs an upgrade of the 2007 components (as expected, really). And this is all great and everything if you have upgraded your OpsMgr environment(s) to 2012. But the … Continue reading OpsMgr: Running 2007 and 2012 consoles at the same time

#scorch: Access denied when using Query Database activity

Here’s a little funny I ran into this morning and thought I would share the quicky solution. Using the Query Database activity worked like a charm using the Runbook tester, but when checking in the runbook, the activity failed with an access denied error: This is despite granting the runbook service account (the account in … Continue reading #scorch: Access denied when using Query Database activity

SCSM: CMDB Items from other sources

I am currently focussed on building up our CMDB in Service Manager. While there are a number of connectors available for getting configuration item (CI) information into the SCSM CMDB, there are many other systems in our environment that do not have native connectors available but do contain CI information. Most of these systems can … Continue reading SCSM: CMDB Items from other sources

Orchestrator (#scorch) and Service Manager (#scsm): A Learning Story

I am the first person to admit that I sometimes tackle things a little arse-about-face – often because I don’t know better and fumble my way through following my own logic, and my baby-dev skills contribute greatly to this too. I embarked on this journey at the beginning of this month, and have finally reached … Continue reading Orchestrator (#scorch) and Service Manager (#scsm): A Learning Story

Orchestrator: Testing your IP before building it

In a recent post, I quickly outlined the things you will need to write your own Integration Pack. One of the glaring omissions from that post is the testing process, so today I will talk a little bit about testing. In order to build the IP, you will need the Integration Toolkit as this is … Continue reading Orchestrator: Testing your IP before building it

Orchestrator: My first IP

Since it was Authoring Friday, and I am an adventurous kind of person, I thought I would try my hand at creating a little Integration Pack for Orchestrator.My scenario is simple: We have a distribution list that receives email notifications for P1 incidents in the environment, and we need to consolidate these into Service Manager. … Continue reading Orchestrator: My first IP

System Center 2012: Installing Orchestrator

I’ve been really busy playing with SCSM, trying to make it sing all sorts of tunes to meet a couple of very specific business requirements before we go into production. And the more I played, the more I realised that the only way I am going to be able to successfully meet some of those … Continue reading System Center 2012: Installing Orchestrator