#AzureMonitor Logs – Have you noticed the Export button?

Earlier this week, Anders and I were working with exporting data from Log Analytics to a CSV file. Previously, this has always been done with the API. But nowadays we have an Export button to direct export the result from the current query. On the Export drop down menu we also have the options to … Continue reading #AzureMonitor Logs – Have you noticed the Export button?

#AzureMonitor: Service State Monitoring

I was having a conversation with a colleague recently about monitoring and reporting on the health of Windows Services using Azure Monitor, and he kindly reminded me that the Azure Automation Change Tracking solution looks at service state. I did a bit of a dig, and came up with this:ConfigurationData | where ConfigDataType == "WindowsServices"| … Continue reading #AzureMonitor: Service State Monitoring

#scsm and #scorch: Notify on Rejected Review Activity (Approvals)

While building our new user provisioning/deprovisioning process in Service Manager and Orchestrator, I ran into a little bit of a wall. Creating a notification workflow to notify the originator of a service request when someone has rejected the request (i.e. voted reject on the review activity) proved down right impossible, and then I found this … Continue reading #scsm and #scorch: Notify on Rejected Review Activity (Approvals)

#scsm Self Service Portal Warm up scripts

As I am sure you have noticed by now, sometimes SharePoint needs a little wake-up call if it hasn’t been used in some time. To work around this and ensure the best portal performance for my users, I added all the sites as home page tabs in IE, and opened my browser on a regular … Continue reading #scsm Self Service Portal Warm up scripts

#SCSM & #SCOrch: Dynamic approvals updated

As mentioned recently, I’ve been working on a way to build dynamic approvals into a Service Request based on certain criteria selected or entered into the form on the SSP. I have updated the runbook a little, and it now looks like this: The additional steps as follows: Create the secondary approval step for the … Continue reading #SCSM & #SCOrch: Dynamic approvals updated

OpsMgr: The mystery of the *nix agent installation files

Our environment is a fairly locked down environment, which means that our service accounts have the minimum rights possible and we sometimes have to do things in a different way than expected, which often has interesting results. During our upgrade to OpsMgr 2012, we first upgraded all the Windows-based agents in our environment, leaving the … Continue reading OpsMgr: The mystery of the *nix agent installation files

#scsm: upgrading to Service Pack 1

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am in the process of updating my development environments to Service Pack 1, and next up is Service Manager. Again, be sure to read the documentation. Before you begin: Ensure you have applied Update Rollup 2 (as a minimum) Backup your SCSM databases Backup all your unsealed … Continue reading #scsm: upgrading to Service Pack 1

#scorch: Fixing the License Expired error

So, you may have noticed this annoying License Expired warning event raised in Orchestrator at times: This event is not caused by your license expiring. Instead, it is caused by the runbook server losing connectivity to the Orchestrator database. To fix it, simply restart the Orchestrator Runbook Service on the server affected. As I am … Continue reading #scorch: Fixing the License Expired error

OpsMgr: Running 2007 and 2012 consoles at the same time

So… when you have the Opsmgr 2007 console installed – on your laptop, for example – and you try to install the OpsMgr 2012 console, the installation performs an upgrade of the 2007 components (as expected, really). And this is all great and everything if you have upgraded your OpsMgr environment(s) to 2012. But the … Continue reading OpsMgr: Running 2007 and 2012 consoles at the same time