User provisioning and management using #scsm and #scorch

I’ve been working on replacing our very manual user provisioning and management system for the last couple of months, and finally took it all to production in the last week. Before, we had a simple form in Sharepoint with some workflows in the backend to send emails, but users were provisioned manually by our server … Continue reading User provisioning and management using #scsm and #scorch

#scsm and #scorch: Notify on Rejected Review Activity (Approvals)

While building our new user provisioning/deprovisioning process in Service Manager and Orchestrator, I ran into a little bit of a wall. Creating a notification workflow to notify the originator of a service request when someone has rejected the request (i.e. voted reject on the review activity) proved down right impossible, and then I found this … Continue reading #scsm and #scorch: Notify on Rejected Review Activity (Approvals)

#SCSM & #SCOrch: Dynamic approvals updated

As mentioned recently, I’ve been working on a way to build dynamic approvals into a Service Request based on certain criteria selected or entered into the form on the SSP. I have updated the runbook a little, and it now looks like this: The additional steps as follows: Create the secondary approval step for the … Continue reading #SCSM & #SCOrch: Dynamic approvals updated

#scsm & #scorch: Dynamic approvals, step 1

I have spent a fair amount of time recently looking at different ways to build dynamic approvals within Service Manager. As I mentioned recently, we are in need to build approvals for change requests dynamically based on certain criteria. We are also busy automatic our new user account creation process, and for this process a … Continue reading #scsm & #scorch: Dynamic approvals, step 1

#scorch: Fixing the License Expired error

So, you may have noticed this annoying License Expired warning event raised in Orchestrator at times: This event is not caused by your license expiring. Instead, it is caused by the runbook server losing connectivity to the Orchestrator database. To fix it, simply restart the Orchestrator Runbook Service on the server affected. As I am … Continue reading #scorch: Fixing the License Expired error

#SCOrch: upgrading to Service Pack 1

Today I am upgrading my System Center 2012 development environment to SP1, and, as Orchestrator is first in the recommended upgrade sequence, that is where I will start and walk you through the process as I go along. Before you begin: Backup the Orchestrator database Make sure there are no pending reboots on any of … Continue reading #SCOrch: upgrading to Service Pack 1

#scorch: Access denied when using Query Database activity

Here’s a little funny I ran into this morning and thought I would share the quicky solution. Using the Query Database activity worked like a charm using the Runbook tester, but when checking in the runbook, the activity failed with an access denied error: This is despite granting the runbook service account (the account in … Continue reading #scorch: Access denied when using Query Database activity

SCSM: CMDB Items from other sources

I am currently focussed on building up our CMDB in Service Manager. While there are a number of connectors available for getting configuration item (CI) information into the SCSM CMDB, there are many other systems in our environment that do not have native connectors available but do contain CI information. Most of these systems can … Continue reading SCSM: CMDB Items from other sources

SCSM: Call escalation with a little Orchestrator magic

We were recently approached to provide a call logging and management solution to a business division that has absolutely nothing to do with IT. Of course, we decided that ServiceManager is the best fit – even though we are still busy defining other processed before we get to incident management. The requirement was simple: provide … Continue reading SCSM: Call escalation with a little Orchestrator magic

Orchestrator (#scorch) and Service Manager (#scsm): A Learning Story

I am the first person to admit that I sometimes tackle things a little arse-about-face – often because I don’t know better and fumble my way through following my own logic, and my baby-dev skills contribute greatly to this too. I embarked on this journey at the beginning of this month, and have finally reached … Continue reading Orchestrator (#scorch) and Service Manager (#scsm): A Learning Story