MOM 2005: How not to migrate your reporting databases

Winging it is never a good idea, but sometimes, when the documentation is lacking, one has no other choice, right?We made a couple of serious mistakes when we migrated our reporting databases from one server to another recently, and I thought I would share them, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.The first … Continue reading MOM 2005: How not to migrate your reporting databases

MOM 2005: Migrate OnePoint database to a new server

We recently made the mistake of visualizing our MOM 2005 database server (as part of the preparation for SCOM) and have suffered many long and sleepless nights since. The MOM database is probably one of the most disk intensive database scenarios one can think of, and it simply does not work well in a virtualized … Continue reading MOM 2005: Migrate OnePoint database to a new server

MOM 2005: Agent heartbeat failures

Steve Rachui wrote a great blog about Agent heartbeat detection in MOM. While I have always understood the way MOM deals with heartbeat failures, explaining to someone who doesn't understand MOM hasn't been all that easy, and this article will help with that. And, if your organisation is anything like ours, you will have placed … Continue reading MOM 2005: Agent heartbeat failures

MOM 2005: Disk defrag analysis

Use this script to analyse the defragmentation levels of disk drives on the servers. '*******************************************************************************' Script Name - Analysis disk defragmentation'' Version - 0.1 (14-Mar-2008)'' Purpose - Analyses the defragmentation of a disk' An event is generated if the disk requires fragmentation.''' Events - 1301: Disk requires fragmentation (Warning)' 1302: Disk does not require fragmentation … Continue reading MOM 2005: Disk defrag analysis

MOM 2005: Script errors

I have been working through the script errors reported from the machines in our environment recently. Today's error tackled was this one: Event Type:     Error Event Source:   Microsoft Operations Manager Event Category: None Event ID:       9100 An error occurred on line 116 while executing script 'Microsoft Windows Server Clusters State Monitoring' Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime … Continue reading MOM 2005: Script errors