Some updates

So, I have moved this blog to WordPress. While I love Blogger generally, I have just had some real issues recently in terms of client support on my mobile devices, while WordPress clients are in wild abundance.

I bought a Surface RT tablet while travelling recently to replace my old HP Mini netbook, and the main purpose of this device would be to blog. Imagine my disappointment when not a single client existed for my pretty new beau. After much deliberation (and fighting, I must admit, with Word 2013 and its refusal to connect to Blogger) I decided to make the move.

Moving was simple and straight forward – it was a matter of exporting from Blogger and importing into my new WordPress blog, and voila! It’s all there and working. A couple of the links in posts may still refer to their old location on Blogger, and I may or may not fix those over time, but this means I can now happily and easily use Word on my Surface to write blog posts with images. I may still use Windows Live Writer on my laptop from time to time, but I must admit, this little machine was built for this. What a pleasure (and he is oh! So pretty too J).

I will start catching up with the System Center stuff again now, because I have been rather busy recently and have a lot I need to jot down to remember.

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