OpsMgr: The mystery of the *nix agent installation files


Our environment is a fairly locked down environment, which means that our service accounts have the minimum rights possible and we sometimes have to do things in a different way than expected, which often has interesting results.

During our upgrade to OpsMgr 2012, we first upgraded all the Windows-based agents in our environment, leaving the Unix agents for last, as this is one of our most locked down environments and the Unix admins prefer deploying the OpsMgr agents manually, and to deploy the agent into a Dev environment first to test the impact of the agent before deploying to production. When it finally came to the time to start testing the 2012 agent for Solaris, we went hunting for the agent deployment files to give to our Unix admins team and simply could not find the install files in any of the locations we would normally expect to find them. I did some searching through our dev OpsMgr environment, but without much luck. As we were also busy with some other things, we didn’t spend too much time on this issue, but it has been a bit of a puzzler.

As it is now crunch time, we really need those agents deployed, so the hunt began in earnest again. Then I discovered I hadn’t imported any of the *nix management packs into the Dev environment, and so imported the Solaris MPs. Checked back to the AgentManagement folder, and voila:


So, if you’re looking for the agent install files, or you are unable to push install the agents to a specific *nix flavour, ensure that you import the management pack first.

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