System Center: change management challenge

systemcenter_2_2d9647a3We are currently in the process of mapping out our change management processes to migrate to Service Manager. Our change management system is currently managed by a service provider, and doesn’t provide us with the flexibility we need from the system, which results in a lot of manual work for our change management team.

Our environment provides some complexities, as different areas are managed by different providers, and we have many devices that serve multiple applications. This means that approvers change depending on the nature of the change, as well as the devices impacted by the change.

The challenge then is this:

Change approvers need to be dynamically (but automatically) added to the change request, depending on the following criteria:

  • Infrastructure component affected
  • Application component affected
  • Facilities component affected (by location)
  • User account(s) affected

Over the next couple of weeks I will be mapping out the steps we take to meet this requirement. We will be using the methods described in the following blog posts for inspiration:

The first step to this, however, is to ensure that the relationships between the infrastructure components, applications, user accounts and facilities components are mapped out correctly in the CMDB, because the CMDB really does form the foundation for all the other disciplines.

[image source]

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