SCSM2012: Invalid enumeration mapping on MP import

WLW-SystemCenterServiceManager2010isonMSDNTe_8253-logo-SCSM_2In our environment, we have three distinct Service Manager environments: a development environment, a staging environment and a production environment. And many things in these environments need to be the same.

So, to this end, we will create and configure in the dev environment, export the management packs and then import into staging and eventually into production.

When creating the service catalogue, we ran into a little issue when importing the management pack into production: the import failed with the following error:

The management pack import failed.
Errors (1):
Failed to process extensions for management pack: {0}
: Failed to process extensions for management pack: ManagementPack.

Invalid enumeration mapping

It clearly had an issue with one of the categories assigned to one or more of the catalogue items.

To resolve, we exported the MP containing all the catalogue items, then deleted all but one of the catalogue items and set the category back to General and exported the MP again to a different location. The second MP imported with no problem into the production environment, setting up the categories with the correct ids, and thereafter the original MP with the catalogue items imported successfully.

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