Fun with Orchestrator

16517-Five-Different-Colored-And-Diverse-People-Dancing-And-Having-Fun-At-A-Party-Clipart-Illustration-GraphicSo, since I am rapidly trying to fill my head with every single little component of Orchestrator I figured I may as well write down the bits I have learned, especially because I am going slightly mad and this is a good place for me to look things up again tomorrow morning when I wake up with an empty mind.

Starting with my previous post, I will try and capture bits as I learn – especially bits that I didn’t really find documentation on, or where the documentation may be a little high-brow for a blonde layperson such as myself. Indulge me a little, and feel free to join in the fun and tell me where I go wrong.

All posts will be tagged with the Orchestrator tag.

Party smile

[image source unknown – found on another blog via random google search]

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