Orchestrator: My first IP

Since it was Authoring Friday, and I am an adventurous kind of person, I thought I would try my hand at creating a little Integration Pack for Orchestrator.
My scenario is simple: We have a distribution list that receives email notifications for P1 incidents in the environment, and we need to consolidate these into Service Manager. These P1 incidents come from a variety of sources, so it isn’t as simple as an integration into OpsMgr, or simply processing the emails with the SCSM Exchange connector. Furthermore, updates to each P1 is sent to the same distribution list – another reason not to simply use the Exchange connector.
These notifications use a specific template, so searching for keywords is fairly simple, but the email template is HTML, which causes some issues with searching the body of the mail for patterns – especially because each person likes to add their own little flair to the template. An underline here, a colour splash there, and suddenly you are sitting with bloated HTML that cannot be processed that easily. And injecting that into a ServiceManager . So began my quest for something that will sanitise the message, stripping out the HTML and leaving only the text.
I was lucky enough to discover the HTML Agility Pack, which made my life considerably easier and meant I could take this:
and make it this:
Not quite perfect yet, but a lot better.
imageSo, the IP isn’t quite done yet, but I have learnt some valuable building blocks in this process  feel like I am on the right track.
So, to create your own IP, you will need the following:

The SDK provides a great Hello World starter and I would highly recommend that you follow this little tutorial before you get cracking, especially if you have little to no C# background (like me).
I should have a better version of this IP after this coming friday, along with a functional runbook.
Happy coding authoring!

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