System Center 2012: Installing Orchestrator

systemcenter_2_2d9647a3I’ve been really busy playing with SCSM, trying to make it sing all sorts of tunes to meet a couple of very specific business requirements before we go into production. And the more I played, the more I realised that the only way I am going to be able to successfully meet some of those requirements was with integration into Orchestrator. And while Orchestrator has been part of my roadmap all along, it was much further down the line – as in, once we have taken SCSM into production. Luckily we are now in the design phase of the production deployment, so I have the opportunity to change my roadmap a little and include Orchestrator into my design.

So, to ensure that I get all the bits tested to provide the best design, I realised that my lab environment will also need Orchestrator now and spent the morning installing.

As always, read the product documentation before you begin. As I am installing in my lab today, I will be following the instructions for installing all the components on a single server. With a small change – the database will reside on my SCSM database server.

To get going, run the Orchestrator downloaded file to extract and then run SetupOrchestrator to launch the installer. On the splash screen, simply click Install.


The installer is quite straight forward, so you simply need to follow the wizard and put in all the appropriate bits.


And now, if you have ensured all prereqs were installed/configured, you will be prompted for a service account.


Next up, the database configuration. I simply entered the name and instance of my SQL server and it was happily accepted. Continue running through the wizard, and enter the values appropriate to your environment.


And that’s it.


Now for the integration and then getting all those runbooks going 🙂

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