SCSM 2012: Lessons learnt while playing with the SSP


While playing around with the Self Service Portal on SCSM 2012 this week, I learnt a couple of very important lessons.

1. Don’t add new web parts to the first page. Especially not the SSRS web part. And do not leave the web parts unconfigured. It left the portal completely non-functional, and took a fair amount of googling to figure out how to revert. Turns out, adding ?contents=1 at the end of the URL allows one to get to the web part manager for a page.



You can easily use this to remove any unwanted or misbehaving web parts.

2. The Service Catalogue on the SSP is strangely sensitive to Language, and will apparently not display Service Offerings if the language has been set to a conflicting language. While building a catalogue of sorts to figure out how it all fits together, I thought I would also set the Language option to English (South Africa) since this is the language we actually use.


Strangely, this caused the Offerings to not be displayed on the SSP, and took me a little bit of time to figure out why some showed and some not. Obviously, those that showed were the ones where I didn’t set the language. Once I removed the language from the Service Offering, it showed happily on the SSP.


Now I can finally build a proper catalogue matching the services we offer. As an aside, Troy DuMoulin links to some great service catalogues if you need some guidance building your own.

[ETA] Turns out this is a known issue, and there is a workaround available.

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