SCSM: Upgrading from RC to RTM

I decided that, if this POC is really to be successful, it would probably be a good idea to upgrade the RC to RTM. I downloaded the eval version from here and dove right in.

Before you begin, be sure to read the Upgrade Guide. As I am only playing in the lab right now, I thought I could wing it, but the first screen you see when trying to run the upgrade asks you to confirm that you actually read it.


So, order of upgrade as follows:

  • Data Warehouse Management Group
  • Service Manager Management Group, starting with the initial management server, and then the other management servers (if any) in this MG.
  • All consoles
  • Deploy SSP
  • Backup encryption keys

So, let’s go.

Before you begin, backup your databases, as well as your unsealed MPs.

Upgrading the DW Management Group first. Not much to do here. You follow the wizard, and off it goes.


In my lab environment, this took about 50 minutes. I am sure in a correctly resourced environment, this will go a lot quicker.

Next up, the first management server (or, in my case, the only one). Again, the prompt to confirm that I’ve read the docs. And prerequisite check passed. And there it goes.


Again, this took about 50 minutes in my lab, with most of the time going to the importing of the management packs. Quick backup of encryption keys, and we’re good to go. Looks like everything is still in tact.

Next, I will figure out this self-service portal thing.

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