First glance: Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

After many, many months of deliberation, research and arguments – both internal and with others – I have finally made the switch to Android.
I really had my heart set on the Sony Ericsson S006, but had to look at other options when it became clear that this 16 megapixel camera phone would not hit our shores. Being a fan of Sony Ericsson phones, I looked through their catalog and after much deliberation settled on the Xperia Arc.
A beautiful slim and lightweight phone running Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread), it is fast and responsive and sports a very nice 8 megapixel camera. Getting up and running if you already have a Google account is quick and painless, as is connecting to all other social networks.

I ran into a small issue with the wireless network for a bit, which was resolved by reconfiguring our wlan a little. I would normally be reluctant to reconfigure a network for a single device, but our wireless lan has been a little sluggish recently anyway, and the config changes improved the overall performance for the other devices too.
Changes were switching from mixed auth to TKIP, and excluding the n option. If you are having issues with the WiFi just dropping on this phone, have a look at your router config.

Once the wireless issue was resolved, my love for this phone grew exponentially, and I started liking Android too.  I prefer the marketplace over the Apple app store, and love the ability to add active widgets to my screens. And android is made for online living.

This phone is a vast improvement over all previous phones I have owned, and I look forward to travelling with it.

(ETA – photo below taken while writing this post)

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