Thoughts on the MMS keynotes

Just sat through the first keynotes address at MMS 2011. The focus of the keynotes was on the cloud – just as it was at Tech-Ed Africa 2010 – and while there weren’t really any surprises, there were a couple of new System Center products demonstrated, as well as the next version of the current products. I am really excited to start implementing OpsMgr 2012 at some of my customers, especially to leverage off the now built-in AviCode capabilities. System Center Advisor also looks very promising, and I can see that providing great value to a lot of our customers. Of course, Opalis is mentioned again, and its new name has been released – with the 2012 release, Opalis will now be called System Center Orchestrator.

I am concerned about the adoption of the Cloud within the African and South African markets. I don’t think the market is mature enough to transition to the cloud – not because of the infrastructure, but rather because of the named resource thinking. The thinking in most of our customers is still that an application belongs on a server, and that server belongs to that application. They think about applications the same way they think about people. I would like to think that we can change this mindset, but considering they still see technical resources in this same way too, and believe that if they don’t see the person no work is being done, I am not sure how we will drive this change in the market – but luckily this is not really not my problem, is it?

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