musicbee-gratisOh MusicBee, how I love thee!

I’ve been looking for a new music player for some time now, as both Windows Media Player (WMP) and WinAmp are just too resource hungry for my liking. I had a couple of other requirements as well, such as the ability to either scrobble directly or support a scrobbling plug-in, build playlists easily and help organise my music library. I’ve tried a couple of players over the past couple of months, but kept reverting back to WMP, simply because of the playlist building abilities. I happened to be browsing the site again recently and stumbled onto MusicBee and decided to give it a bash as a last hope.

I fell in love within minutes, and haven’t found a single thing I don’t like about this multi-featured yet lightweight music player.

Other than being a kick-ass media player with a built-in scrobbler, you can also automatically fix those pesky tags with a couple of clicks and organise your music using presets that you can create.

But, my favourite feature must be the way MusicBee pulls together all the information about a song into the player, including lyrics.


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