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I have tried this Entrecard thing for quite some time, and while it appears to have driven some content to my site, it has increased the bounce-rate too much for my liking.
For me, the purpose of this blog is to share my experiences with writing rather than getting millions of hits. And it would seem that the Entrecard network has deteriorated a little to the point where the only reason people visit blogs would be for drops. So, for this reason I will be removing the Entrecard widget from this blog at the end of the week – this gives those who have bought spots on the widget a chance to get their money’s worth, sort of.
I also don’t want to lose touch completely with the Entrecard network, because I have discovered some fantastic blogs through it, so I will keep the widget on my scribbles blog.

4 thoughts on “Blog things

  1. I am new to this so what is a “bounce rate” and how do I find mine. I like Entrecard but I think a lot of users simply drop and run. I have found some cool blogs there so I am keeping it for the time. I saved you as a fav in Technorati because I saw no other way to follow your blog unless I bookmark you.

  2. @Emm: Google Analytics does a pretty good job at measuring the bounce rate. Not sure how, but it also factors in the average time spent by a visitor on the site. Also, when I look at my stats, more than 60% of the traffic came from Entrecard, and the bounce rate and the number of referrals from Entrecard pretty much match up.

    I agree though, it does make a difference when one responds to the comments. I am not overly fond of the comment system on Blogger, probably because the years of using LJ has spoilt me 🙂
    Like you, I have no real interest in being a professional blogger, but also don't want to write for no audience. Luckily I can see the number of subscribers to my feed slowly increasing, so I am possibly doing something right? (or there are a bunch of masochists out there who love to be bored to death *grin*)

  3. @Emm: Yay 😀 I wonder if it is not a combination between regular, on-topic posting, not linking to mallware and occassionally responding to comments *boggles*

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