I have the need

fp-img-2 I am not a big gamer. No, seriously. Doh.

I will play a spot of Age of Empires every now and again, and I am addicted to Caesar III, when I can spare a couple of hours. The husband, on the other hand, is a complete games addict, and even managed to convince me that we needed an Xbox 360.

And he is a driving game addict. So i have sat through hours and hours of cars going whrooooom whroooooom as he played Need for Speed, Grid and many, many other racing sims.

Recently, I thought I would give this racing thing a bash, and installed Need for Speed Carbon on my laptop. It wasn’t bad, and the fact that I could use one of the Xbox controllers made it a lot better. But I wanted more. So, this week-end past, I installed Need for Speed Most Wanted.

Ok, so apart from the fact that the graphics are a little dated, when compared with those of Grid and Forza, this is a fun game.

I have already started climbing the black list ladder, and no longer drive straight into walls – and, considering I don’t drive in real life, this is quite a feat for me. I have had some fun evading the cops so far too, but, as a parent, kinda feel bad for enjoying it as much as I do.

I have set myself a new challenge. I would like to become such a good driver that I can whip my husband’s ass. He’s only been playing driving sims for around 8 years – I recon by the time I get to the top of the blacklist, I should be able to do it, right?

But, finally, I understand this need…


(and, at least, finally, I am playing games that were made this century *grin*)

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